Back Home and Committed to Goals

On a day-to-day basis, it can be hard to stay committed to long-term goals. By nature, we seem to be programmed to think short term rather than going longer. For me, that means I like to have a series of short-term goals that lead me in the direction of my long-term goals.  Right now, I am focused on my daily nutrition and training for my month-long bike ride in September.  My mantra is "Am I acting in a way that is consistent with my goals?" When I make food choices, I think about what will power me on the bike versus creating extra empty weight to carry.  I know that my goals require me to think about food as fuel rather than short-term gratification. That means thinking about how much protein, fat and carbohydrates (macros) I am taking in. It means thinking about the quality of each meal and appreciating what food can do for me. It also means drinking water and staying hydrated.  Today I will make every effort to make good choices that are consistent with my goals.  Will you join me?