Today I was able to spend the morning doing many of the things I love most:  I taught an express yoga class at the studio first thing.  Yes, 7 am on a Saturday. Despite - or perhaps because of - the hour, four fabulous women worked on balance and core strength using yoga poses and principles.  That was followed by a personal training session at 100 Main private fitness facility with a client who pushed herself beyond what she thought she could do in ways that were exciting to see.  After my client left, I got my own sweat on and did my scheduled workout, with a focus on gymnastics skills, especially handstand push ups.  Then feeling great, I went home and picked up my dog, Sasha.  I came here, to the lake where I spent a great hour or so on my paddle board.  Sometimes standing and sometimes reclining, as in the picture here.  I am relaxed and ready to do some work.  I am so lucky to share your journeys and to do what I love so very much!