Rensselaerville: Choices, Hills and Pain

Today I am riding my last ride on my bike before I ship it to Oregon. Tomorrow my friends at Tomhannock will receive her to box and send my beautiful machine to Bikes 101 in Florence, Or.  Today though I am riding a very hilly and challenging ride in Rensselaerville.  Friends of mine had registered for the 25 mile route, but I registered for the 44.  My thinking was that the extra miles would be "good for me!" After all, it is my last ride on my bike before I start out on my long ride.  

But this week I have had some hip and IT band pain. Not terrible, but definitely noticeable throughout the day. I have been rubbing and stretching. I have done every yoga pose I can think of to help release, and it helps, without doubt.  But... I decided yesterday that the 25 mile route is the better option. It isn't many miles, but it is plenty of climbing and I am honoring my hip.  I am listening to what it is telling me:  it doesn't need more miles.  It is ready.  Take a breath. Take a rest. I don't know what I am going to do for my last two weeks. Probably more rowing and yoga with just a little cycling on my trainer to keep those muscles awake and ready. But today I am learning. I am listening to my body and I am choosing to accept pain as a signal that my body needs less not more.  Progress.