Day 5: Sisters, OR to Prineville, OR (56 miles)

Yesterday was a rest day in Sisters. I had a lovely day wandering through town multiple times for food, coffee and bike shop goodies. I swam and read and relaxed.

Today’s ride was one that brought great change. There is little similarity between where we started and where we ended. For the first time on this ride, farm animals were very much a part of the scenery today. When we left Sisters it still felt like we were in the mountains. The town had the feel of a mountain town. Here in Prineville, we are in ranch country. Also, quite obviously from the roadside signage, the land of Trump. Perhaps not coincidentally, I was shown the middle finger today from a car going in the opposite direction. The driver didn’t say anything, he just held his hand up with his middle finger prominently displayed. Ok.

On a much nicer note, the most unique part of the ride was earlier: A little 3 mile” extra” to go to Smith Rock State Park. It was spectacular. I will post more pictures in other places, but the thumbnail here gives an idea of the size and stature of the rocks there. I am so glad I rode the extra couple of miles to see it!

The rest of the ride was lovely and picturesque as well and I always like to talk to the animals as I ride by, so that makes it a good day too.

Oh, and I had another flat, this time right as I was pulling into the hotel parking lot. This time the front tire, which is less messy. I saw it happen, I heard it happen and I was grateful to simultaneously be seeing the hotel directly in front of me. And not surprisingly, it is much less stressful to change the tube sitting on a hotel room floor than it is on the side of the road! I took a little spin around the parking lot and everything seems fine. I patched the old tube and I am ready for tomorrow! Onward!!