Day 6: Prineville, OR to Mitchell, OR (46 miles)

This morning several of us discovered that our tires had made unwanted contact with goats head thorns and so flats were quite evident as we were getting ready to depart Prineville. I felt “lucky” that mine happened last night and that I found it right away. I felt bad for those who discovered a pre-existing flat this morning or got one riding out from the hotel.

We left a bit later than usual because the ride was on the short side and this was the first morning that was really cold! Even with several layers it was a cold beginning to the ride. Over time, everything warmed up but my feet. They remained cold for the entire ride and so from now on, I will be wearing different socks!

The first part of the ride was a steady, but not difficult climb. Basically, to mile 30. Then there was a 7.7 fast descent. I was able to enjoy parts of it. I decided I would stop along the way to take pictures and that would both help control the speed and give me the opportunity for some great photos. It worked well. Check Instagram for pictures. @cailie_movetolive.

Mitchell is a VERY small town.  129 people we are told.  The hotel is funky and unique. The room I share has a western theme. Others are bears/wolves, dolls, hearts/flowers, safari, and Sam Elliott. There is one shower for us all and two toilets. I am writing this sitting in the hallway because the one outlet in our room does not have a three-prong outlet. So I am writing, and charging my laptop and my various other devices (garmin, lights) at the same time. In a few minutes a local driver is going to take us to see a local site in a green school bus! Should be a fun evening!