Day 1: Florence to Eugene (78 miles)

I didn't sleep well last night.  I was anxious about the start of the ride, but I was even more nervous about the luggage weigh-in this morning.  It is crazy how the mind works.  The two things are not at all equivalent.  First I packed and re-packed.  Two bags, neither over 30 lbs, the total not more than 50.  So even though there was nothing I could really do, I tossed and turned ALL NIGHT!  Stupid. A complete waste of precious sleep hours.  But there we have it. The result? No problem. Under both thresholds. Why didn't I sleep?

Today's ride was beautiful. Much of it was along a river as we wove our way out from the coast.  There was some climbing, but nothing too hard. The challenge was the total miles. It was 78 miles for our first day out. I had a "lovely" interlude getting a flat tire at about mile 60. I am not very good at flats and was extremely appreciative of the women who stopped to help me.  I have been working on strengthening my hands for exactly this reason, but they still are not really strong enough, especially my bad hand.  But together we got it done and I was able to repay the favor by guiding them in on the last, very confusing portion of the ride.  I had Ride with GPS on audio and we were able to follow the audio commands much more easily than we could the cue sheet as we went under and over along the bike trails of Eugene. 

Dinner was fabulous with some lovely tofu pesto for me instead of the non-Vegan option of salmon.  As always, food is a bit of a challenge for me, but I am confident I will get enough to eat!