Training foR transam 2

A year ago at this time I was much more anxious than I am today. I am not sure that is a good thing, because that anxiety fueled my training. Less anxiety seems to be manifesting as less training.

Training to do something “again” is different from training to do something for the first time. Obviously, it isn't really the same, but the general arc is the same: Biking across approximately one-quarter of the country in approximately one month with a group of about 30 fabulous women. But the terrain will be different, the weather will be different, some of the women will be different, and I will be different. The biggest difference is that I am much more confident in my cycling and in myself. So it really isn't the “same.”

But about that training…Last year the gym I went to regularly and loved was falling apart. There was drama and there was gossip. Their was stress. I decided to leave, effective July 1, 2018. My plan was to train in a space I created for myself. I had an online coach, who was fantastic. I had a cycling training plan. I just had to execute. That was harder than I expected. I thought I could do it (mostly) all by myself. I couldn’t. Well, I struggled to do it consistently (mostly) all by myself. I trained enough, but there were days on the trip that would have been better if I had trained more

When I got back from the ride last year, my gym was in free fall. What had been a clear, but gentle, downhill trajectory was now careening towards a bottom and it was not a pleasant place to be. It closed its doors shortly after I left in November 2018.

I had found, through the positive side of social media, a very different gym. Though it was still CrossFit, it had from what I could tell, a very different energy. I fell in love online and knew it was the place for me. Some of my friends from the old gym went there too, which eased the transition, but it wasn’t really hard at all. The online impression I had formed did not disappoint. Until Friday.

I got an eblast to members from the owner telling us she had sold the gym to a couple who seemed quite nice. But I drove an hour to go there for the owner and coaches and they would all be gone. I am sure I could stay and get good workouts. But what made me drive the hour was something else, and that will be gone one week from Friday, when the transfer is finalized. I gave my notice, effective 7/1/19-exactly a year after I did the same at my previous gym

Of course, I couldn’t help but think of when Zaidee handed over the reins of the yoga studio to me just over a year ago. Some people did leave here too, but many more stayed. And many more have joined. The transition was a bit bumpy, but it got better.

And, I soon realized, that is the answer to my current training challenge. For about 30 seconds I felt like I didn’t have a community to train with now. But that is just stupid. Of course I do, and it isn’t online or an hour away. It is right here in Greenwich. It is the people I train and those who are members of the studio. It is in my little “Baltic Ave” gym that is a part of the Move to Live business that I use with my personal training clients. In the coming days, I will invite more of you into that space, because that will make it a great place to be and workout. It will never compete with the three (!) big gyms in Greenwich, but I never wanted that and It doesn’t have to. It is a perfect space for a few fabulous (mostly) women to train together to get stronger.

I have learned a million times by now that even though I am an introvert and I am super-independent, and even though it is hard for me to reach out to people for help and community, things get much - SO MUCH- better when I do! I am not going to do this alone. I am asking all of you who are local to come train with me! Together we will accomplish all of our goals! I will ride the remaining 3 legs of the TransAm bike ride! I cannot wait to hear what you will do! #icaniwillendofstory and to steal a hashtag from a place I will miss: #strongertogether

Cailie Currin