Training and Nerves: Solution - Yoga!

As the remaining days to train for Stage 1 of my TransAmerica bike ride dwindle, my anxiety about it increases.  Negative thinking creeps into my thoughts more and more. Yesterday I saw a spreadsheet prepared by one of my tour mates.  Immediately, I went to that place: OMG - I can't do this! 

What helps me when I have those doubts and feelings is to "come back to the breath." Sitting meditation and moving with the breath in yoga.  Meditation and yoga become more important as my trip gets closer. It will be a part of my daily preparation once the ride has begun.  Taking time to be present will give me the space to get away from fears and insecurities and will allow me that opportunity to focus on what is right in front of me, not all the big numbers that appear on this image!  In everything I do, meditation and yoga help me to do it with less stress and more focus.  How does yoga and/or meditation help you?  Leave me a comment!